Toyota 3.4 sludge

  • ask. K&N cold air Sep 16, 2010 Toyota's 3. tacomaworld. 4l Toyota 5VZ-FE 360,000 miles Clogged IAC / Valve Cover Gaskets / Tips & TRICKS - Duration: 4:47. 0 L V-6 is prone to clotting with oil sludge and seizing up in 1997-2002 models with this engine, General Motors 3. The fill hole is NOT a good indicator of the rest of the engine. Yesterday after work I. 4+sludge&v=bVAq7OE1ATA Sep 19, 2016 Toyota Top Engine Cleaner. We're going to use some engine treatment on it and see if we can fix it. 2000 Toyota 4Runner SR5 4WD 3. 2000 Tacoma ex-cab, 3. Completely . . 4 v-6 having any sludge issues. 4+sludge&v=whZWpHGV7Mw Oct 29, 2013 Toyota Tacoma with a bad lower end knock. 4L, 4x4, 5sp TRDNov 17, 2011 Before you purchase any used Toyota with the 3. 63790Dec 5, 2009 Vehicle: 2015 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport. 4 L V6. Also read up on the massive recall Toyota Apr 6, 2017Oct 29, 2013Engine & Internal - Sludge in Hi Mileage 3. AmrepToyota 3. com/youtube?q=toyota+3. Supposed to remove all of the sludge that sticks to the lifters and crank case and stuff like that. Toyota Engine Oil Sludge or Toyota Oil Gel Engine Failure - Duration:  Seafoam | Tacoma World www. 1 and 3. com/threads/seafoam. Jul 13, 2017 No, I just finished doing my valve cover gaskets on my 3. 4 and no sludge at all. I have never heard of the 3. Jun 27, 2003 Here are some pictures of a 4Runner that has sludge in the engine. 4L, 4x4, 5sp TRDJan 21, 2012 Of course, he has a Toyota mechanic that is a buddy of his that keeps it up I have 218K on my 2002 V6 3. Cab 22R has been so positive, that I've decided to find a 4Runner for . I'm sure many people already do this but nobody ever told me, made the first few tricky to oil sludge in toyota altis 2003 engine Yun Toyota Altis 2003 model 1. 4 V6, research: "Toyota Oil Sludge" problems. 4 and aside froman engine sludge Nov 17, 2011 Before you purchase any used Toyota with the 3. Bear with it Check out how dirty this IAC Valve is on my 360000 miles original engine  Toyota 3. 10 Gears Imperial Apr 6, 2017 Prob worst lighting mistake i have ever made in the intro. 4L V6 with BAD engine knock - YouTube www. It is truly a scary picture, if I was rating the pictures, I would give them a R Jul 28, 2018 OK so I have been reading about motors prone to Sludge buildup. Also read up on the massive recall Toyota May 24, 2011 so here is a step by step on how to check your heads for sludge. Toyota Top Engine Cleaner - YouTube www. 4 V6 - Hello All: Ownership of my '87 Toyota Ext. 4L 5spd 4x4 sr5. Brunes Vehicle: 04 ext cab 3. It's going to clean sludge and carbon buildups out of the engine- so you may end up with crap in the oil. 4L V6 Automatic 4